Coronavirus: More than 2,000 deaths in Wales with Covid-19


This number released by the UK's independent statistics authority is significantly higher than that accounted for by Public Health England, which said that there had been 33,998 coronavirus deaths by the same time.

NOTE: Last week it was reported by the ONS that 75 people had died, but that was later revised up to 76.

That is the lowest total since week ending 3 April, when 3,801 were registered.

The total number of Covid-19 associated deaths in the United Kingdom now stands at 36,914, with the daily toll at 121.

The percentage of deaths involving Covid-19 and the total number of excess deaths compared with the five-year average continued to decrease.

The total number of coronavirus-related deaths in the United Kingdom has now exceeded 47,000, according to Office for National Statistics figures.

The ONS said next week's figures will be a better representation of any trend, as it will not include bank holidays.

Of the 170 deaths, 50 were recorded in care homes and 114 in hospital.

Case of deadly children’s illness linked to COVID at Seattle Children’s
The commissioner did not provide more details on the children, such as their ages or where they live. Six of those confirmed also tested positive for the coronavirus, Persichilli said.

Also last week, the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency said 664 deaths involving COVID-19 had been registered there up to 20 May.

Tuesday's new figures also show the number of deaths involving coronavirus in England and Wales had reached its lowest weekly level for six weeks: 3,810 in the week ending 15 May.

There have been 72 care home deaths in the Shropshire Council area and 40 in Telford & Wrekin.

There were 42,173 fatalities in England and Wales up to 15 May (and registered up to 23 May).

The number of excess deaths in the United Kingdom since the coronavirus outbreak began is almost 60,000.

Nevertheless, the nation's actual coronavirus demise toll is over 47,000, with 11,650 deaths in care houses, in response to stats specialists.

He explained that while the increase in mortality rates due to COVID-19 is "awful", it's not long ago that United Kingdom mortality rates were much higher than the current level.