A full "Strawberry Moon" is set to rise over Alberta tonight


The moon reached its peak at 20:12 BST and appeared barely dimmer than a standard full moon because of the eclipse.

A diagram showing Earth's inner shadow, or umbra, and outer shadow, or penumbra, as they will align with the moon on June 5.

The "strawberry moon" got its name from the Algonquin tribes of Native Americans.

When can I see the Strawberry Moon Eclipse in Australia?

For spacecraft at the Moon such as the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), the reduction in solar power is noticeable. The first full moon of June often coincided with the harvest season for wild strawberries in North America, the Almanac says. It is in reference for the short fruit harvesting season in northeastern North America (United States of America and Canada).

A color composite mosaic showing most of the Moon's surface, based on images from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, photometrically normalized.

Mead is an alcoholic drink made from a fermented mixture of honey and water. In some countries Mead is also called Honey Wine (though in others Honey Wine is fermented differently than Mead).

The Cristo Rey monument is silhouetted against the full moon in Cali, Colombia, early on 17 June 2019. The word "honeymoon" traces back to at least the 1500′s in Europe. This weekend, the Strawberry Moon brings a penumbral lunar eclipse.

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Sharp-eyed starwatchers and budding Kiwi astro-photographers are encouraged to treat themselves to a sweet sight tonight as the strawberry moon rises.

The strawberry moon, however, will not be a supermoon.

This month's full moon takes on a completely different meaning south of the equator as the Southern Hemisphere heads into winter: the Long Night's Moon.

If you're willing to chance it, the best time to view the eclipse is around 3.45am in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, 1.45am in Perth and 3.15am in Adelaide.

"Full moons are always visible everywhere in New Zealand but visibility is weather dependent as if it is cloudy then it won't be possible to see the moon", she said. Sometimes the entire face glows brightly.

Unless you are a seasoned skywatcher, you may not notice the effect of the penumbral lunar eclipse. This chart shows why this happens.

Full moon is an astronomical phenomenon that occurs when Moon is on the opposite side of Earth from the Sun and we can see Moon's Earth-facing side fully-lit. The shadow of the earth that will fall on the moon is the penumbra, the outermost shadow. The moon will continue to look full from early Thursday morning through early Sunday morning. In 2020, the Hunter's Moon on October 31 will also be a blue moon because it is the second full moon to occur in October.