Android 11 Bubbles Coming to Google Messages Really Soon


Google says since the version 11 is yet to release, it will have bugs and issues which can alter the behavior of a device.

Finally, another major change will focus on even more granular privacy permissions.

"We work jointly with Google across OPPO devices at the software system level to enrich and empower user experience on Android".

Earlier this week, Google dropped the first beta version of Android 11 for models starting with 2017's Pixel 2 line and running through last year's Pixel 4 series.

The change is presumably so media controls don't take up space in the notifications list like they do on Android 10, and if you have a ton of conversations waiting to be read then other apps can get pushed down the list.

Before you start downloading the beta, though, we should warn you that it might not be worth downloading the Android 11 beta on your OnePlus phone.

Unless you're a seasoned app developer, you're using a second phone or you've backed up your data, we wouldn't recommend using the OnePlus 8 Android 11 beta yet.

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The Android 11 beta was supposed to launch on June 4, but was delayed due to Black Lives Matter protests in the USA and across the globe.

However, playing games on Stadia won't be the same as playing a game that is installed on the phone.

Till date, users only had the option to either give app permissions either all the time or deny it altogether. First up the notifications drop-down menu will not get a dedicated conversations section. Google is also rolling out independent resolution control, allowing you to manually set your Stadia resolution output on each device you play.

Whatever the case we hope that it means that OPPO will be able to provide the Android 11 full release update to the Find X2 Pro in a much more timely fashion than the Reno 5G and other flagships of years past. Simply visit the page, enroll your device and you will get an OTA that you can install to get onboard.

Google really wants you to be sure you know what you're doing. The media control card will let users switch the device on while the audio or video content is playing on.

With one eye on privacy, Google will also make it so that apps which haven't been opened for a while will reset any permissions you previously granted, and you'll need to give fresh consent should you ever go back. This is good if you need an app to access the information for a task but don't want it idling away in the background tracking you.

The recents screen now shows three buttons or taking a screenshot, sharing one, or selecting text and you can toggle on the fixed app dock on Pixels to show suggested apps, which bumps your docked apps up onto the first home screen. It's not the definition of discoverable for the average user, and it's unclear if it'll be on by default in Android 11's final build.