UK PM announces 'support bubble' to help those living alone


On Wednesday, Boris Johnson announced people in England who live alone will be soon be allowed to form a "support bubble" with one other household.

And if several people share a flat or house and all have partners who live alone, only one will be able to see their partner, which could lead to some interesting conversations.

If they wish, they will be able to stay overnight, and all members of the bubble will not have to observe the two-metre social distancing rule.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced in the daily coronavirus briefing from Downing Street that lockdown restrictions were being eased for 11 million people to help combat loneliness among adults who are now on their own.

This effectively means that couples living apart where one or both people live alone will be allowed to sleep together for the first time in months.

But the move announced by the Prime Minister yesterday would not allow a couple to visit both parents as neither household would comprise a single adult.

The changes will benefit those who live alone and single parents with children under 18.

"It's a targeted intervention to limit the most harmful effects of the current social restrictions. It is emphatically not designed for people who don't qualify to start meeting inside other people's homes, because that remains against the law".

"So whilst I think the measures, given what we knew about this virus then in terms of its transmission and fatality, were warranted, certainly had we introduced them earlier we would have seen many fewer deaths".

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But the two households must be exclusive to each other and can't change their minds - so flatsharers might find themselves having to decide which of them can be joined by their lover.

No, it will be taken on trust.

Sadly no. The support bubble must contain one person who lives alone.

Can households form more than one bubble? No 10 says the public has shown "great responsibility" in following the social distancing rules so far.

Again no, although officials are suggesting people should try to "stay local" where possible.

Boris Johnson, the last man in the world that anyone wants to listen to talking about sex, delivered the news at the 33-second mark below, without mentioning "sex" specifically, for which we are very grateful.

For example, if you live with a partner you will not be able to form a bubble with your parents, provided they live together.

Hopes that the two-metre rule might be dropped were raised after it was left out of new draft guidance for pubs and restaurants.

The need to continue on the path out of lockdown was underlined by warnings the United Kingdom is on course to suffer the biggest economic hit of any developed country from the coronavirus.