Android 11 beta is now available, and here's how to get it


The beta version of Android 11, the next version of Google's operating system for mobile devices, comes with lots of security and privacy changes created to allow the OS to protect users' data from malicious attacks.

The initial beta does not have all of the features of Android 11, but there are nonetheless plenty of interesting functionalities to explore. Every time he doesn't write about gadgets, he unfortunately doesn't stay away from them, even though he tries desperately.

Google was supposed to launch the latest version of Android in the Google I/O this year, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the event got canceled.

Android 11 Beta did bring quite a few changes compared to a previous build.

Android 11 animation shows the new Conversation notifications category sitting at the top of the screen. You receive the chat message in a bubble on the screen and you can open that floating chat window then replay to it.

OnePlus also points out that it has released Beta 1 for app developers and other early adopters. On Android 11, Google has added a new sub-menu to enable bubble notifications.

Stadia touch controlls layout
Stadia touch controlls layout

On Android 11, the keyboard can automatically fill in application-specific content, which is similar to the browser's auto-fill password.

In any case, one of the biggest problems that existed until now was the requirement to have to use the remotebut already it won't be necessary, an aspect that will possibly help make it more attractive to users.

Android 11 will also block access to the users' app usage information until the device is unlocked for the first time after it restarts or the users switch to their accounts.

Android 11 allows users to give one-time use permissions to applications that request access to microphones, cameras, and geographic locations.

One of the prominent features to come to the next version of Android is Bubbles, a Facebook-like chat heads that will be available for all messaging apps. For now, only Pixel devices are getting this update. Of course, OEMs will add their own tweaks so there will be some differences from pure Android. All notifications are automatically distributed and grouped into three separate categories: Conversations, Alert Notifications, and Silent Notifications. Which of these features appeals to you?

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