Trump campaign seeks to reset after flubbed rally


This led to her being asked if what Trump said about telling officials to slow down testing was "not true".

Later in that interview he was asked if he was concerned about his upcoming visit to Arizona with "Students for Trump" on Tuesday, Trump said he isn't anxious about it "at all".

"We got another one over here", he said, pointing into the crowd.

Layoffs caused by the coronavirus pandemic in the USA passed 45.7 million last week, and although many jobs will come back as the country reopens, there are worries that some have been irrevocably lost by the heavy financial impact on businesses and local governments.

Prior to the rally, Parscale had boasted that more than a million people had registered for the event despite the fact that arena where the rally would be held has only about 19,000 seats. "If you would like to attend the event and see President Trump, please come to the venue". The entire thing felt like the beginning of every horror movie about the apocalypse, and we all just sat at home and watched it happen.

Mr Trump's latest apologist, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, defended the president, claiming the phrase is simply a means of denoting the virus's origin, and that it contains no racial component.

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The Trojans were kicked out of the postseason for two years and stripped of a total of 30 soccer scholarships over three seasons. Wednesday will bring the 10-year anniversary of that ruling which means that disassociation could quickly be coming to an end.

Multiple health experts have told CNN that the increased number of coronavirus cases has less to do with more testing and more to do with there actually being more cases.

"No, he has not directed that" McEnany answered.

“Like the past versions of this overused script using a pandemic to justify white nationalist policies, it deserves to be cancelled, ” she said.

"They called a curfew, so people that were in line had to leave", Mr. Ms Conway baulks at the accusation and asks the reporter to step in front of the cameras and also to say the names of the individuals being accused of making the remarks.

The singer took to her Twitter handle and shared a clip of a television news report about the low attendance at the event and joked how she thinks even she is more popular than US President Donald Trump. "We've done too good a job".