RCMP to give update on CAF member arrested on Rideau Hall grounds


Police said the man was arrested without any incident and is now being interviewed.

Duheme said he couldn't comment on what he was doing before this or why he came to Ottawa.

Hurren allegedly got out of his pickup truck and proceeded on foot to the greenhouse where patrolling RCMP officers stopped him.

Nor was Governor General Julie Payette, who resides at Rideau Hall as the official representative of Queen Elizabeth II, Canada's head of state. "It was only at 6:53 where the suspect responded and a dialogue ensued", Duheme explained, adding members "relied on their training and instinct to continue speaking with the subject, with the suspect, until just before 8:30".

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) has confirmed that a man arrested for breaking into the grounds of Rideau Hall is one of its members. "I'm very proud of all our people and our partners who moved fast and acted decisively to contain the threat".

"Through our members' vigilance, quick action and successful de-escalation techniques, this highly volatile incident was resolved swiftly and peacefully", the RCMP's deputy commissioner, Mike Duheme, said.

CTV News has identified the suspect as 46-year-old Corey Hurren from Bowsman, Man., a small community 500 kilometres northwest of Winnipeg, near the Saskatchewan border.

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"The conversation was fluid, went well so there was no need to escalate anything any further and what we wanted to do was resolve it at the lowest level and not have any injuries", he said. The suspect was quickly spotted by grounds staff and RCMP members, who put the area in lockdown.

He also won't be named by the police service until charges have been laid in court.

Duheme said the man had "several weapons" on him at the time, including at least one gun, but was not known to RCMP prior to Thursday.

A police dog was also brought it to search the intruder's vehicle for any unsafe materials. Images from the scene show garbage bags, large boxes and an orange cooler under analysis.

A chemical, biological, radioactive, nuclear and explosive weapons team was brought in to search the suspect's vehicle as a precaution, said Duheme.

"I want to extend my honest thanks to the RCMP and the Ottawa police service that did a remarkable job in ensuring that there were not injuries".