Rajnath Singh reviews defence ties with Israeli counterpart


One technology is a new Covid test that uses polyamino acids to produce a result in 30 minutes, Dani said over the phone from Israel.

"In the coming weeks, Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Health will lead an unprecedented anti-COVID-19 cooperation operation between India and Israel", the Indian embassy in Israel tweeted.

Israel will soon send a high level research delegation to India to conduct a series of "final stages of testing" as part of the joint effort to develop the rapid testing kits for COVID-19.

The flight will likewise bring advancement rising Israeli innovations for combatting COVID-19, which have been given by Israel's remote service and the private area meant to reinforce India's reaction to the episode.

The plane will also deliver mechanical ventilators which were given special permission by Israel for export to India.

The data updated today showed that the total number of COVID-19 cases stands at 13,36,861.

Israel's Foreign Ministry stated Thursday that in recent years, Israel-India relations have developed into a strategic partnership, and since the beginning of the Corona crisis, the two countries have agreed to provide mutual assistance and to cooperate in areas of research.

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The Israeli delegation consists of 20 individuals (IMoD, IDF, Ministry of Health and representatives of relevant industries), and is led by Ambassador Ron Malka, and the Defense Attaché in India, Col. Assaf Meller.

The Israeli and Indian scientists will carry out 4,000-5,000 tests of each technology in India to determine if they can work.

The two countries will take the help of artificial intelligence to develop the kit which will be validated through using PCR tests.

The unique cooperation between India and Israel has allowed both countries to better deal with the COVID-19 threat and could potentially change the way "we live beside the virus", the Embassy said.

Isothermal testing is a biochemical testing method that enables the detection of the virus in a saliva sample. "It plays on the fact Covid attacks the respiratory system", Gold said.

"What they all have in common is the ability to detect the presence of the virus in the body quickly - usually within minutes", it said.

A second, low-priced biochemical test that can be used at home and gives a result in 30 minutes. Gold said the Israeli team would be in India for about a week and a half.