Royal Warning: Prince Andrew In DANGER After Ghislaine Maxwell Failure


Maxwell's trial in the highly publicized case is scheduled to begin in July 2021 in Manhattan federal.

Ghislaine Maxwell ambushed prosecutors by asking for a gag order on witnesses in her criminal trial, court documents seen by claim.

As the tension arises in Ghislaine Maxwell's case related to Jeffrey Epstein's sex trafficking scandal, Prince Andrew has been given a stern warning to be very concerned with what dirt the court might dig up about him.

Judge Loretta Preska has asked for the 80 documents - which could expose details about Epstein's friendship with a number of high profile, powerful men - to be made public in a matter of days.

The documents are now expected to be unsealed on Thursday, the New York Post reported.

The documents are thought to contain 'nude, partially-nude, or otherwise sexualized images, videos, or other depictions of individuals'.

He denies that and the lawsuit was settled in 2017.

"In the context of this case, especially its allegations of sex trafficking of young girls, the court finds any minor embarrassment or annoyance resulting from Ms. Maxwell's mostly far outweighed by the presumption of public access", she said.

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Roberts threw several allegations against Epstein, including the accusation of forcing her to have sex with Prince Andrew from 1999 to 2001.

Any moment now, the revelations from the sealed documents could finally explode.

Maxwell, 58, pleaded not guilty on July 14 to helping Epstein recruit and eventually abuse three girls in the 1990s, and committing perjury by denying her involvement under oath.

Judge Nathan had already slapped down a request from Maxwell's lawyers to bar prosecutors from speaking to the media about the case.

"Knowing that she is incarcerated for the foreseeable future allows me, and my fellow survivors, to have faith that we are on the right path", Jennifer Araoz, who previously accused Epstein of raping her when she was 15, said in a statement to NBC News after the hearing. It's believed the papers will also include emails and communications between Maxwell and Epstein from 2015, sent following Virginia Giuffre's accusations.

The New York and Florida pads once owned by disgraced billionaire Jeffrey Epstein have hit the property market for a combined $100 million (£78 million).

The 70-year-old, who worked for Epstein from 1990 to 2002, claimed that "probably over 100" alleged massage therapists came to Epstein's Palm Beach home.